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Mint date: 26 March 2021

Original Mint price: 1 SOL

Marketcap: $197,334 USD

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First Solana NFT Collection

First Solana P2E Game

Kreechures is the first NFT collection on the Solana blockchain.
With over 15k collections, and growing, in existence on Solana, the importance of Kreechures provenance increases with each passing day.

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I began actually working (testing/building) on Kreechures in late January and February of 2021.

  • Metaplex did not exist
  • Candy Machine did not exist
  • Phantom wallet did not exist

There was no NFT metadata standard at that time. No standard place to store images/etc. This time was spent tinkering, learning, and slowly building up the courage to even share an idea. There was not anything like this on Solana at the time. No big collection and certainly no big collection that wants to include a game.

It took me until February 24th to muster that courage to even share a thought. You can probably tell by the time, 1:41 AM, that it was not this strategic, marketing-genius campaign being put in motion and basically me finally saying, fine ... let us see how much this thought gets crapped on.

First tweet

Building anything is hard, especially in the public, which is destined for negative feedback. When there is no one else around you, no other project like what you want to do, it makes you wonder how amazingly dumb this idea might be.

Imagine my surprise when I saw that at least one or two other people on this planet were interested enough in the idea to spend a couple of seconds here and there, liking those initial posts, commenting, and following. It still could have been an insanely bad idea but at least there were some other crazy people that were feelin it.

That moment gave me the confidence to finish the initial work so the collection could be created.

March 26th, 2021
Mint day, otherwise known as the day Gen(0) was incepted...

Kreechures, the NFT, began generating that day. The crazy pipeline I created, that was needed at that time, to create an NFT on Solana, was working, and working well. We might look back at that early art using the lens of today and not be amazed. Hell, on that day you might look at the art and not be overwhelmed. And that is okay and it is fair criticism.

Me? I look back and smile because Kreechures was born

March 26th - August 31st, 2021
This period involved ensuring all early adopters received their Kreechures, handling Kreechure purchases as they came in, and LOTS (lots and lots) of continued scariness as I worked to refine a vision and put foundational pieces in place. (Did I mention building things in public is scary?) At least for me, it is.

This entire time was basically spent, outside of my day job hours, slowly working on various aspects and very rarely sharing anything because, who really would care about this or that... It is not like I cured cancer. This was very obviously a mistake and something the team today helps me with greatly.

August 31st, 2021

Fxnction tweet

In a couple of hours, during my busy day at my day job, every single available Kreechure was sold.

At the time, my non-work computer (I was a remote employee) would make a ding sound whenever a Kreechure was sold.

I was in a meeting....and I thought something was on fire or that I was being hacked or...some bad thing was obviously happening because the computer would not shut up, lol. Then I got a chance to look, and I had to look again, and then I had to check some logs to confirm what I was seeing. And then I realized, everything for Kreechures had changed.

Me (Daniel) in September 2021
Ummm... I am pretty sure I need some help.

Joining (in any capacity) a project, a company, an anything when the entire thing is ONE single person that is trying to get you to be person 2 or 3 or whatever .... that, is a hard thing to do and pretty much requires you to have lots of faith and/or be a little crazy.

I am thankful as hell to our team that has joined since the beginning but especially thankful to our first team members James, Nico, and Lena

We began the year, 2021, with Deck 1 and it was time to up our art game with Deck 2 which was released at the end of 2021. Deck 1 was the first and deserves its rightful place in history.

Kreechures is the first NFT collection on Solana and Deck 1 was first out of the gate. They might not all be beautiful but they are all pioneers.

That said, Deck 2 is a wonderful blend of characters, styles, and colors. It is where we showed we can create something cool.

That was our beginning. There is so much more to come.

Species Rarity
There are 49 different species of Kreechures, all coming together to form the official Kreechures collection. The full species list can be found here.

Species Rarity tiers

  • Common: there will be 51+ Kreechures of this species in the entire collection
  • Uncommon: there will be between 11-50 of these Kreechures in the entire collection
  • Rare: there will be between 2-10 of these Kreechures in the entire collection
  • Fable: there will only be 1 NFT of this species in the entire collection

Special abilities
There are currently 16 known special abilities & only 10% of all Gen-0 kreechures have these. Special abilities can be found here.

Rest Rate
A Kreechure is not a machine, the rest score represents the base number of hours your Kreechure needs to recover from in-game actions. The lower your Rest Base the better. Only 10% of Kreechures have a Rest Base under 100.

Kreechure NFT owners affiliate marketing program
An affiliate marketing program where participants, Kreechure owners that opt-in, receive a portion of the 1% Venatrix marketplace fee included in sales. Details and opt-in/sign-up are located here.

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