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Frequently asked questions

What is Venatrix

Venatrix is a specialty, high-touch marketplace, utilizing multiple coins (Kin, USDC, Dust, SHDW, etc.), laser focused on existing collections that are consistently delivering value to their collectors and the Solana ecosystem.

Why Venatrix

° Discover projects related to your interests (Charity related, 1/1 Artists, Defi, Gaming, Staking, Merch, Metaverse, Web2 Products, etc.)

° Ability to list & buy NFTs utilizing multiple coins

° Collection information page that includes its story, benefits, and updates

° Kreechure owners - Affiliate Marketing program for Venatrix

Which tokens do you accept

Our currently accepted tokens are below. Let us know, [email protected], if your project has its own token, that has liquidity, and you want it added as an option.

° Kin


° DUST Protocol

° Shadow